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Clinically formulated and recommended for targeted diabetic nutritional replenishment and controlled weight loss based on natural ingridients.

Doctor advising SugarBalance 2SugarBalanceSugarBalance with CMAC+ complex, in easy to swallow coated tablets, contains ingredients which affect the sugar level in the body. Especially for those who care about the amount of sugar in food and those on a diet. Reduction of carbohydrates (sugar) intake and absorption also helps to maintain proper weight and supports weight loss.

CMAC+ complex has been especially developed to better influence the level of carbohydrates (sugar) in the blood.

Based on extensive laboratory testing and clinical research literature, it combines the following components: Active Chrome, Mulberry extract, Alpha lipoic acid, Cinnamon extract.

Standarized extract of Cinnamon bark influences glucose metabolism which supports the control of sugar in the body. Active Chrome helps in keeping glucose at proper levels in the blood and influences the proper metabolism of food macro-components. Together with Cinnamon extract reduce also significantly appetite for sweets!

Standarized extract of White Mulberry. Contains substances which have an impact on enzymes participating in the digestion of carbohydrates and therefore affect sugar level. Thanks to these substances, part of the carbohydrates are not digested and removed from the body.

Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA). Is a powerful antioxidant effectively enhancing the effect of other antioxidants. It increases glucose oxidation, increases glycogen reserves in the liver and has a positive effect on the metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates (sugar).

Produced by:

WeltpharmaWeltpharma German producerIdee PharmaWelt GmbH


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