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Mullberry standarized extract

Mullberry (Morus alba) – reduces the sugar blood level
Mulberry leaves inhibit activity of intestin enzymes and inhibit dissociation of carbohydrates which results in!inhibition of their absorption.
This action significantly reduces the glucose blood level in diabetics (1,2,3,4)
Mulberry supplementation significantly decreased fasting glucose
by 58% (1)

Reduction of glucose after Mulberry suplementation
Reducton of glucose in diabetes before and afer Mulberry leaves supplementation (1)

Mullberry (Morus alba) has positve impact on the blood lipid profile
Mulberry supplementation improves significantly the blood lipid profile (1,2,4), lowered serum triglycerides (by 50%), total cholesterol (by 31%) and plasma free fatty acids (by 22%) respectively in diabetics1
Mulberry supplementation significantly lowered LDL-C (68%) and VLDL-C (43%) levels and increased HDL-C (54%) (1)
Mullberry increases HDL-C and decreases VLDL-C

Mullberry (Morus alba) increases HDL-C and decreases VLDL-C1 (1)

Mullberry (Morus alba) improves diges/on process
Mulberry leaves supplementation improves pancreas activity and may improve the function of pancreas through inhibiting the inflammatory response and attenuating the oxidative stress in pancreas tissue. (3)

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